Forgotten Tales, Curious Articles, Obscure Poetry

The Wind and The Moon

Said the Wind to the Moon, “I will blow you out!” You stare In the air As if crying ‘Beware,’ Always looking what I am about: I hate to be watched; I will blow you out!”

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Justice for Bluebeard

A humorous Victorian article that presents the case that perhaps the murderous Bluebeard of fairy tale and legend, was the victim

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Before & After: Altered and Restored Photographs

Friends Such as These

“May we never have friends who, like shadows, keep close to us in the sunshine, only to desert us on a cloudy day or in the night.” Wehman Bros. 700 New Toasts, 1906

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Guardian Angels Now to Thee

In a collection of antique photographs that has reached critical mass, this relatively simple cabinet card

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Free Printable Coloring Pages

Berkshire Pig Illustration

This Berkshire Pig illustration for you to color is another selection from an antique coloring book called The New Model Painting Book for Young People.  Well suited for use as clip art, or save the file to print and color in whenever you get a hankering for swine. About the Berkshire Pig The Berkshire Pig is […]

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Blackcap Warbler European Song Bird Free Printable Coloring Book Page

With a song in his heart, this blackcap warbler, a vintage coloring book illustration, is ready for eager artists to color in and enjoy. Just click on the image below for the larger printable version. Suggestions for Coloring In the Blackcap Warbler Bird Coloring Page Although I personally have never met the blackcap warbler, his […]

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This is How My Garden Grows

DIY Victorian Window Flower Box Planter

Here is a terrific idea for a DIY Victorian window box flower planter from an authentic Victorian source. A Window Flower-Box From The Cottage Hearth, 1876 Given fresh mosses or leaves, a few trailing creepers and two or three spikes of flowers, and the effect will be charming in a window box made after any […]

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April Showers bring May Flowers!

Heirloom Roses Illustrate A Garden Secret (Poem) by Marson

Here is an unusual poem about the secret thoughts of flowers, composed by the Victorian poet Philip Bourke Marston. I’ve illustrated this Victorian poem with a vintage illustration of heirloom roses  found in antique seed catalog. The line-art is very detailed and these roses are printable as-is, or use as clip art for your next floral/botanical […]

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Free Victorian Clip Art: Pansy

A free Victorian clip art image of a pansy, suitable for decoupage and other crafts. Browse the vintage floral and botanical clip art archive for more downloadable images. Click on the clipart image to download the full version. The name ‘pansy’ is derived from the French word pensée meaning “thought”, and was so named because […]

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Victorian Craft Projects

Birch Tree Bark Sheet Craft

The rustic appeal of cabin decor make crafting with birch bark sheets a fun and useful craft for adults as well as children. Working with birch bark is a bit like working with cardboard; of course, children should always be supervised when using scissors and other sharp crafting tools. The following craft project was originally […]

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