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I am a semi-reclusive web designer in the Philadelphia region with an appetite for ephemera and antique books.

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Mother, Home and Heaven

Leading up to Mother’s Day, I will post poetry and essays from my rather battered old copy of Mother, Home and Heaven. All content from this book will be tagged “Mother Home Heaven” so that you can easily identify the source of these wonderful tributes to Mother. The book is illustrated, but in order to […]

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Marine Disasters on Pacific Shores

Marine Disasters on Pacific Shores By James G. McCurdy The Cosmopolitan, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, June, 1899 For every vessel that wears out in service and finds a well-earned haven in the “boneyard,” a hundred fall victims to the vicissitudes of the sea, often in their strength and beauty. What has been done of recent […]

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Girl with Black Cat

Happy Friday the 13th! In this 19th century cabinet card studio portrait, a young girl sits with her beloved black cat. A charming antique photograph from my personal collection. Click on the image for a larger view. For more information about the cabinet card format, refer to this Wiki article on the subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_card This […]

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Easter Flowers, Illustrated Victorian Poem for Easter Time

What happens to the floral decorations after the celebrations are over? Why not draw inspiration after this charming children’s poem and take them to a senior center or hospital where they may provide much needed cheer. You may also find the floral symbolism in Easter Flowers to be of interest, and may also refer to […]

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Etiquette Rules for Dinner Parties from a Victorian Magazine

Are you inviting guests to your home for a holiday feast or party? This timely advice on dinner etiquette may help prevent “vexation of the spirit”, which is, as you surely must know, to be avoided at all costs. Originally published in the July 6th, 1895 issue of Home Chat by Lady Constance Howard, who also […]

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Vintage Easter Postcard Two Lucky Chicks Toast to Spring, Easter Holiday

Two lucky chicks lift up their glasses to toast the Spring season and Easter holiday in this daring Victorian Easter postcard that you can use as free clip art. Or, perhaps they are notorious drunks, trying to get a rush by gnawing on lucky four-leaf clovers? We may never know, so let’s just assume it’s […]

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