Clifton Jack

I roughed out this idea earlier today. I attended a screening of the Quay Brothers new Mutter Museum documentary at, where else, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia this evening and knew that I would get in too late to create.

This sketch captures my feelings about an incident that took place in Clifton Heights, my home town, last night. I plan on picking this idea back up tomorrow, but for now I must retire–so tired!!!!

Ultra-Bright Jack




After forgetting to pick up dry cat food for ma kittehs, I was forced to trudge down to the local Kmart. And having been fortunate enough to have avoided the place for a month or so, I wandered around a little to confirm my suspicion that I hadn’t been missing much.

But I was wrong–there, in the lame excuse for a stationary section, I found a Crayola product I had not seen before: Extreme Colors Ultra-Bright colored pencils! Very vibrant colors, but would they glow under black light? At $3.99 for a box of eight, it was a risk I was willing to take. And I’m happy to report that all of the colors glow fabulously, much better than the iPhone photographs on this page can convey.


Under the black light, the pencil marks are not as apparent and the color glows brightly, even the blue (wish I could say the same for the blue Copic fluorescent marker–a dud!). The illustration above was first sketched out with the Copic fluorescent orange marker the mouth is Copic fluorescent pink. The rest is the Crayola.

Wonder how they would work on nice black paper? Must investigate!

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