All Aboard the Bunny Train! Easter Clip Art

What a charming vintage Easter image!

A train of colorful Easter eggs is taking the bunnies on a springtime trip. In an age when rail transit in the United States is grossly underfunded, could eggs become a viable transit option? Only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy this free Easter clip art image while I dream of a day when I can travel across the country by egg.

Easter Greetings. Free Easter Clip Art Rabbits ride the Egg Train

Easter Greetings! Free Easter Clip Art from an Antique Postcard. Rabbits ride a train made of Easter eggs to destinations unknown. Click the image for the full sized download.


Have fun with this great image, and if you make something cool with it, let me know! I’d love to see what you make with this delightful antique postcard!

Vintage Easter Photograph Clip Art Woman with Easter Eggs Postcard

Hey, that’s a nice pair you’ve got there!

A pair of EASTER EGGS, that is!

A pretty woman holds a clutch of large Easter eggs in this lovely antique French “real photo” Easter postcard. Click on the thumbnail below for the larger version that you can use as clip art.

Antique French Easter Postcard

Antique French Easter Postcard Clip Art

The postcard was hand-tinted with lovely pastel colors, from the light blush on her cheek and roses to the lovely pale yellow on the large Easter egg that she cradles in her arm.

Free Easter Clip Art Chick Hatches from Large Egg

What a cute…chick you have there…?

A Free Easter clip art image that will either terrify or amuse you. In this curious vintage Easter postcard image, an awkward, over-sized chick hatches from an equally over-sized egg. A bemused young girl looks on.

Is she responsible for this abomination against nature? Download (just click on the thumbnail below) the full sized picture and have fun explaining to your children the horrors of factory farming, GMOs, and tampering with that which should not be tampered with.

Victorian fantasy Easter image showing a large chick in an egg

Free Easter Clip Art from an Antique Easter postcard: Who will eat who? Which came first? Will we ever know?

Enjoy your free Easter clip art!

Easter Clip Art Rabbit Plays Drum in this Antique Postcard

A fun free Easter clip art image of a rabbit playing an egg drum.

Our drummer boy Easter bunny resembles a soldier, with a bandoleer across his chest. Perhaps he signifies the triumph of Spring over Winter?

Easter Clip Art Rabbit Plays Egg Drum

Easter Clip Art Rabbit Plays Egg Drum from an Antique Easter Postcard

I think that this image would make a great place card for your Easter dinner table (you could add each guests name on the egg). If you can think of something interesting to make with this clip art image, leave a comment or send a message, I’d love to know where he ends up!

Goose and Goslings Page from Antique Coloring Book

Here is a vintage coloring book page of a goose with her goslings. This page is from an early 2oth century coloring book for children called The Model Painting Book for Young People. You can find other pages to color from this book here.

Coloring Page of a Goose and Goslings. From an antique coloring book.

Click on the thumbnail for the larger printable version of this coloring book page of a mother goose and her goslings.

Coloring in Your Mother Goose and Goslings Page

The mother goose appears to be counting her little goslings. Is one missing? How many goslings do you see? Is it my imagination, or does the goose look a little crazed and hungry? Pretend she is a zombie goose. Now the missing gosling is the one who that away.