Thor Cruising the Cosmos in his Mighty Goat Cart

A free mythological clip art image for you, from Norse mythology: Thor in his chariot, pulled by the two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, holding his mighty hammer Mjöllnir aloft.

Free Thor Clipart

19th Century Illustration of Thor. Click on the image for a larger version that you can use as free clip art.



Red Victorian Rose Clip Art

A free A lovely red rose clip art image from a Victorian scrapbook. The rose has an open bloom and two buds that eagerly await your crafting touch.

Victorian Rose Clip Art

Click on the image for a larger version of the red rose illustration that you can download free!

Hathor, Anubis, Sekhmet, and Canopic Jars: Egyptian Clip Art

In celebration of Howard Carter’s birthday, I offer a selection of free Egyptian clip art images.

I’ve been interested in Egyptian art and history since I was very young. I was in grade school when the 1st exhibition of King Tutankhamen’s booty made the rounds in the late 1970s, but unfortunately failed to convince my folks to take me to New York to see the show at the Met. They did, however, give to me many books on Egypt that I still own, and for many years my mother would take me to the University of Penn Museum for my birthday.

Today Google, by way of their “Google Doodle”, informed me that today is the birthday of Howard Carter, the co-discover of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. And so in tribute of that obscure tit-bit, here are a few image selections from my copy of The Story of the Pharaohs by Rev. James Baikie, F.R.A.S., 1917. Click on the images for larger versions that can be used as free clip art.

Egyptian clipart of the goddess Hathor

Hathor of Denderah

Hathor of Denderah, the Godddess of Pleasure and Joy, pictured as a woman whose face is surrounded by broad plaits of hair, and who wears cow’s ears, or who bears a head-dress consisting of two horns with the solar disc between them.

Egyptian Clipart Anubis


Anubis, the God of Departing Souls, was typified under the form of the jackal which haunts the cemeteries.

Egyptian Clipart Goddess Sekhmet


Sekhmet, portrayed as a lioness,  represented the destroying heat of the sun.

Canopic Jars

Canopic jars contained and protected the viscera that was removed from the deceased during the mummification process.  The four children of Horus represented on the jars above are Amset, Hapi, Tuamautef, and Qebhesennuf.

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Beware! This is One Powerful Witch!

Beware! This is One Powerful Witch!

Vintage Halloween postcard with a pretty witch holding her broom aloft, although here it looks as if she is more interested in shooing away the bats than she is on riding it. Notice the candle with the profile of a man.

The postcard reads:

I’ts best beware
Of the Witching hour
In which the Witches
Show their power. 

A scan from my collection of antique postcards, I hope that you find it useful! I’m on Facebook, like my Miss Mary page to find out when more great free clip art is added to this site.

Free vintage Halloween postcard clipart witching hour

Click the image for a larger version that you can use as free Halloween clip art.


What’s So Funny? The Moon Laughs While Witches Dance!

What’s So Funny? The Moon Laughs While Witches Dance!

Man in the Moon, Witches Dance

The jolly Man in the Moon smiles down on a coven of dancing witches on Halloween night in this vintage Halloween postcard from my collection. This card is full of Halloween icons! Witches dance in a circle around a Jack O’Lantern beneath a full and jolly moon. The card reads:

You would laugh too, if you’d had seen
What the Moon saw, on Hallowe’en. 

Antique Halloween Postcard Man in The Moon Witches Dance

Click the image for a larger version that you can use as free clip art.

Halloween Precautions Black Cat and Witch Postcard

A charming vintage Halloween postcard, with a black cat standing at attention and giving you an official Halloween salute! The lovely Jack O’Lantern is glowing, the moon is bright, the stars are shining (there is even a shooting star!) and, of course, a witch and a bat. I scanned this in from my own personal collection, I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful.

Vintage Halloween Postcard Halloween Precautions

Click on the image to download a larger version of the same that you can use as free Halloween clip art.

The Black Cat salutes you with his Halloween Precautions, which are:

Avoid grinning black cats on full green moon,
If your lover is true, he’ll come back soon,
It breaks the charm, the witches scream,
And never return, till next Hallowe’en.