Vintage Cat Art Sketch to Color In from an Antique Coloring Book

A cat illustration for you to color in, from the pages of an antique coloring book!

Free printable coloring page of a cat from an antique coloring book.

Free Printable Coloring Page, Vintage Portrait of a Cat.

This free download is another page from the antique Children’s coloring book called The New Model Painting Book for Young People.  The book has many other animal illustrations for you to color or paint, and the simplicity of line makes images, such as our cat above, a great learning tool for artists of all ages to learn from.

Suggestions For Your Free Cat Coloring Page

Our pensive kitty is both noble and mysterious. Is he gazing out of a window at a tempting bird or squirrel? Are his eyes green or amber? What is this cat’s name? Draw a little mouse tail sticking out of his mouth and you have a stunning portrait of a champion mouser. Place the finished picture where mice congregate to scare them into submission.

Goose and Goslings Page from Antique Coloring Book

Here is a vintage coloring book page of a goose with her goslings. This page is from an early 2oth century coloring book for children called The Model Painting Book for Young People. You can find other pages to color from this book here.

Coloring Page of a Goose and Goslings. From an antique coloring book.

Click on the thumbnail for the larger printable version of this coloring book page of a mother goose and her goslings.

Coloring in Your Mother Goose and Goslings Page

The mother goose appears to be counting her little goslings. Is one missing? How many goslings do you see? Is it my imagination, or does the goose look a little crazed and hungry? Pretend she is a zombie goose. Now the missing gosling is the one who that away.

Hare and Leverets Coloring Page Free Download

A free printable coloring page of a hare and leverets, from The Model Painting Book for Young People, circa 1900. Just click on the image below for a larger printable version of the same.

Hare and Leverets Coloring Page

Free Hare and Leverets Coloring Page. Click on the thumbnail to download the free printable.

Coloring In your Furry Little Friends

Did you know that a leveret is what we call a young hare (especially one less than a year old)? The mamma hare in your coloring page looks sad. Can you cheer her up? Give her a smile and some nice flowers to nibble on. Pants for the children and a nice bonnet for mom would probably make her day.

Color in a Camel from an Antique Coloring Book

A free coloring page of a splendid camel, from my antique copy of The Model Painting Book for Young People, circa 1900.

Free Camel Coloring Page

A free camel coloring page for you to download and print. Just click on the thumbnail for a larger version of this great vintage image!

Tips on Coloring In Your Free Camel Printable

Camels are said to be a persnickety creature, and the fellow in our coloring page looks a little cranky. Can you cheer him up? Add a party hat or fancy saddle. Or flip flops (he is on the sand, after all). See his fellow camels in the distance? What do you think they are up to?

Did you know that the U.S. Army had a branch called “The U.S. Camel Corps”? It was formed in 1855, when Congress, having nothing better to do with their money, decided to launch an experiment by importing 20-30 or so camels to do their bidding. They were not well received, the horses were against it from the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about the U.S. Camel Corps, here are a few useful links:

HUMP,2,3,4: Marching into History with the U.S. Camel Corps.


Mule Coloring Page

Here is a vintage illustration of a mule for the children to color in. A printable coloring page from The Model Painting Book for Young People, published circa 1900.

Animal Mule Coloring Page

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of this Mule that you can print out and color in!

Tips on Coloring in your Mule Printable

In the distance, you can see other mules as they pull carts and carry heavy loads. Mules played an important part in American history and they were vital to Westward expansion and agriculture. Our coloring page was printed in the early 1900s, and so this animal would have been familiar to most children. According to The American Mule Museum

By 1897, the number of mules had expanded to 2.2 million, worth $103 million. With the cotton boom, primarily in Texas, the number of mules grew to 4.1 million, worth $120 each.   One-fourth of all the mules were in Texas and the stockyards at Ft. Worth became the world center for buying and selling mules.

You can pretend our mule team is carting off curious finds from an expedition, a fortune in gold, an exotic and tasty harvest, or just the laundry for the week. Whatever your pleasure, you can’t go wrong with the steadfast and sturdy mule.

Dog Coloring Page Water Spaniel

A printable dog coloring page of a Water Spaniel. From the antique coloring book, The Model Painting Book for Young People, circa 1900.

Dog Coloring Page Water Spaniel

Dog coloring page of a Water Spaniel. Click the thumbnail to download the printable.

Tips for the Water Spaniel Coloring Page

Naturally imagination is the key to having fun with a coloring page. Color your Water Spaniel hot pink and bright green. Instead of jumping out of a pond or stream, add stars and color in some cosmic rays and now your water spaniel is a space dog on an intergalactic quest to save planet earth.

In reality, if you would like to color in the dog accurately, take into consideration the breed. The American Water Spaniel is a medium sized dog with a thick double-layered coat in different shades of rich brown. They are used as hunting dogs and the sprightly dog in our coloring page is no doubt leaping to catch it’s quarry. Consult the wiki entry on The American Water Spaniel for additional information and photographs to use as a color guide.