This poem was published in Golden Thoughts on Mother, Home and Heaven, 1881.

Summer Stars Victorian Era Woodcut Illustration of Mother and Daughter Reaching for the Stars

Mother helps her daughter reach for the stars in this Victorian era woodcut illustration that you may use as free Mother's Day clip art.

Mother, Home and Heaven

Mary J. Muckle

There are three words that sweetly blend,
That on the heart are graven;
A precious soothing balm they lend–
They’re Mother, Home and Heaven!

They twine a wreath of beauteous flowers,
Which, placed on memory’s urn,
Will e’en the longest, gloomiest hours
To golden sunlight turn!

They form a chain whose every link
Is free from base alloy;
A stream where whosoever drinks
Will find refreshing joy!

They build an altar where each day
Love’s offering is renewed;
And peace illumes with genial ray
Life’s darkened solitude!

If from our side the first has fled,
And Home be but a name,
Let’s strive the narrow path to tread,
That we the last may gain!