Vintage Easter Postcard Two Lucky Chicks Toast to Spring, Easter Holiday

Two lucky chicks lift up their glasses to toast the Spring season and Easter holiday in this daring Victorian Easter postcard that you can use as free clip art.

An Easter Toast Vintage Easter Postcard Clipart

A Toast to Easter: Vintage Easter Postcard. Click the image to download a larger image that you can use as free Easter clip art.

Or, perhaps they are notorious drunks, trying to get a rush by gnawing on lucky four-leaf clovers? We may never know, so let’s just assume it’s just an innocent holiday scene and not the workings of my tired, fevered imagination.

Vintage Saint Patrick’s Day Clip Art Postcards

Here is a trio of vintage Saint Patrick’s Day postcards that you can use as free clip art. I forgot that I had picked these up last summer during one of my antiquing trips; consequently I’ve only just scanned them in tonight and might not have a chance to restore them before St. Paddy’s day.

Dear Irish Memories Antique St. Patrick's Day Postcard

St. Patrick's Day Clip Art: Dear Irish Memories

On the reverse of the St. Patrick’s Day postcard with the hat above is this cute message:

Dear Miss,

This is the latest thing in spring hats. Hoping you will patronize me when ready to buy. I am yours truly,

The Reasler Hat Co.

What a charming and cute message to a possible sweetheart!

Vintage St. Patrick's Day Postcard Clip Art Erin Go Bragh

Vintage St. Patrick's Day Postcard Clip Art Erin Go Bragh

Vintage St. Patrick's Day Clip Art

St. Patrick's Day Postcard Sweet Erin Go Bragh Clip Art

Some folks like the shabby distressed look in their scrapbooks and other craft projects, so perhaps you will find a use for these? As Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday close to my heart (long story for another time), I do plan on restoring these images and will update this post to include them at a later date; in the meantime, they are yours for the taking.